It’s no secret that Grandpa and I are torn between the things we love to do.  If only we could set up the Tea Room on the Beach we would be all set.  That won’t ever happen so we take a day here and there to enjoy the beach like the many who come to Prince Edward Island love to do.

Pei Beach

We are the finders of Sea Glass, shards of glass found in their natural state along the shore that has been smoothed by the elements of nature tossing it back and forth until it reaches the hands of beachcombers like us.

sea glass hunt

bag of sea glassGrandpa and I have traveled the many beaches of PEI and find sea glass to bring home, wash, sort and grade.  He gives me the job of grading, sometimes I feel like a teacher and the sea glass are all students.  If you have a love for the sea and a passion for sea glass they come together very quickly and you look for a day when the tide is right, the waters after a storm, the business is slow and then you are on the go to another new beach looking for sea glass. Often we have gone to a beach and not found anything, returned to that same beach and found sea glass.  “Where do you find sea glass?” Remember! wherever there is water, there is a beach and people you will find sea glass.


It is off season for our Tea Room now and we are open times are by chance or appointment.  Yesterday we had 6 people come in for lunch at 2:30 pm and my daughter and I had started making mustard pickles (another blog) and so we couldn’t stop for lunch.

Today we have promised friend of ours that we would take them to a near by beach and show them how to pick sea glass.

sea glass pendantSo this is what I do with the sea glass we find on the shores of PEI.  The stuff we don’t use we have started putting back so others can enjoy the sea glass hunt.  Sometimes it feels like littering, however I excuse the guilt and call it re-cycled sea glass.

sea glass wire wrappedThe Island Made Gift Shop saw a lot of beachcombers this year as we offered a small PEI experience of teaching others how to wrap their beach finds. You can bring your sea glass, shells, drift wood or other finds into the studio and I’ll teach you to wrap it to go.

I had fun seeing collections of sea glass and it gave me a chance to meet other beachcombers a like.

These 5 pieces were gifted to friends who didn’t get to PEI this year for a vacation.


This is it all wrapped up.

wire wrapped pink sea glass

We travel to many parts of the Island looking for sea glass and sometimes we have great finds and other times it is a hit and miss.  When you go to a beach and don’t find anything that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good beach it could mean someone has picked it clean and you need a new tide to bring it in. We often return to a beach where we didn’t find anything and then found sea glass on the next venture out.

We have been to a few spots like Cousin’s Shore, Fernwood around Chelton Beach area, Savage Harbour, and Souris Ferry doc.  Take Cousin’s Shore, we never have found any sea glass the one time we were out and gave up on it.  Around July a lady came into the shop with three beautiful pieces she found on Cousin’s Shore and now we return there to hunt sea glass.

Good luck on your hunt, and remember stop in with your treasures and we will teach you to wrap it to go.

Grandma ~00~  , on Sea Glass

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