Being in Atlantic Canada means you are never too far away from any beach. This week we took a road trip to Nova Scotia and we hit a few beaches along the coast.

This was a favourite  explore we went on today as we came to a rather large stream that was empting into the ocean.  The question was should we cross to the other side to search for seaglass or not?


Your wondering if I found any, right?  Yup I sure did and this was my favourite find.


I haven’t wirewrapped it yet and it is such a round piece that it might look better just in my showcase in the gift shop at home.

The sun was hot today and we reached 20 degrees and it felt to hot at times as we are not used to it being so warm.  We are about to get a blast of summer come Sunday as the temp is to reach 23 degrees. Now that the sun has gone down I have a face full of sunburn.

When the sun was just right I found an old stump on the beach and used it as a prop for a few pictures.


This is the new seaglass look I’m going for this year.  I hope visitors in the gift shop like the new look.


This is a double wrap I started, I enjoy the look and balance this piece gives.


I hope you are enjoying your week. Be sure to take time for yourself and perhaps a good cup of tea and a new book will help.

Blessings, Cindy

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