Work before play is our rule and so we hurried up and tossed about the yard, scurrying here and there and getting things moved around, taken out, picking up.  The work wasn’t done but we were due for a little time for us, quiet time, a time to reflect, and remember.  THE BEACH! here we come, we have beachcombers fever? I know your saying what’s that?  Well it is the thoughts or run ons your mind spends in between doing odd jobs that you daydream about what else you could be doing instead, and then you just do it.

Here is the beach


Here are the treasures

Cobalt Blue and diamond shaped as well

Beach Glass

This is what becomes of the little sea treasures found on the beach

beach glass silver wrapped

A day at the beach means Beach Combing to me not sun bathing.  What do you do at the beach? Are you a comber or a sitter?

Rain for the next 3 days, sugar.


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