The front of the house looks amazing when in bloom of the lavender is highlighting the daylilies. 




change almost always takes place here at one time or another and for one reason or another.

The front flower bed was moved,

15 feet back from the driveway.

In order,



to accommodate parking for our Bed and Breakfast guests.

The French Gardener built me a wooden frame, 



and I took a small clip off each daylily, then moved the lavender and bulbs.


 We  He spread gravel with the wheelbarrow for 3 days.

I don’t know why we didn’t think we had enough.



We had so much gravel left over we edged both sides of the driveway,



put gravel under the picnic area we built off the Confederation Trail for public use.

We even,



made a stone walkway from the trail to our back picnic area.



This is our bridge and path from the Confederation Trail.

We still have a lot left over and we are planning what to do with it next.  Actually I’m doing the planning my French Gardener is rolling his eyes because I simply suggested we had a lot left over what could we  do with it. 

I stopped to check out the sedum, 



doesn’t it look nice in front of the Rhododendron?


I made a few tablescapes.


Invited my grandchildren to play in the dirt and made,


another fairy garden.  This one has a bridge over the water and moss so the fairies have a smooth landing pad.

Well that was my week in review, oh I almost forgot to mention I met a kindred spirit this week and found out that we share a lot of the same likes.

 I figure though, if you take the time to get to know most folks you would find they have a lot in common. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and to my Canadian friends and family,


Happy Thanksgiving,


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