What do you do when you are short a potato or two?  This past week things have been slowing down in the Hospitality business so I have had a little more time on my hands to do a few other things like cook
Extra lean hamburg was on sale this past week at Sobey’s and my daughter Victoria told me she would bring me over some of their hamburg from their last kill if I made her a Shepard’s Pie for supper when I was making one for us. Sounds like a good deal to me, only I ran out of potatoes.  Instead of running off to the store to purchase more, I did what the kids say I’m always doing….”changing the recipe again”.

Here is Victoria’s Shepard’s Pie with perogies instead of potatoes.  You can see where about I ran out of potatoes.  I added mozzerella cheese to the top of it just in case I got a complaint.  I figured I could back up my loss with a protein excuse.

Perogie Shepard’s Pie


With a fresh loaf of bread who would complain?


I so love my bread maker.  So much that we had to get a second one to keep up with the Bed and Breakfast guests.
Sure I can make bread from scratch, but why go to the bother unless it is raisin bread, yum.

Life sure has been busy over the past month with a wedding and funeral all in the same week.  Stress has been high and sleep has been scarce.  I managed to get a few things done like put my cell phone number on the do not call list and get the book listing finished not on schedule and handed in.  Time to breath, relax, reflect and take a short road trip just to  get away from it all for another short time.

Take time for yourself, no one else will…

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