Curious to see snow drops announcing themselves in the garden. Surprised to see I’ve been tanked.


The snow hasn’t been melting in my backyard as fast as I’d like it too, perhaps I’m too impatient,

or a little hosta about the whole situation


either way, I’ll keep my Tulips sealed

“Quick, grab a bench and put it under me, I’m about to weaken at the knee.”

(earlier last week in conversation)

The installer: “This is a good location for the tank.”

Me: “Why would you put something so ugly in a garden?”

The installer: “Mam, we can hide it behind the bushes no one will even know it’s there.” 

Me: “Right, as ladies round the garden for the tea room they won’t see the tank?”

The installer: “We can put the tank anywhere as long as it is code.”

Me: “Alright then it’s settled, put it in the neighbours yard and run the line underground”


As Violet Crawley would say from Downton Abbey, “I doubt Mr Travis has much of an eye for fashion.”

I’m going to cringe each time someone enters the garden. Can you picture this monstrosity? I can’t imagine this being my worst sight, but it is.  How will I ever hide this over-sized marshmallow?

devastated by what I see with my glasses on    ~OO~ Grandma




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