Well it is happening! Ya, I’m getting older. I woke up this morning and decided around 5:30am that I’m not getting any younger. So I have a savings in mind that will help your vacation budget, and my getting older situation. Come have a look it’s a fantastic deal and I hope you can take advantage of it.

Take the 30 second Bed and Breakfast Tour, look at the savings
1 night/ $75 – 2 nights/ $70 and 3 nights/ $60 per night + 10% PST

So at 5:30am he said, “So how do you plan on that happening?”

Then she said, “this is how it will work, the guests get to stay longer and save more and we have more time for gardening and blogging” Lets have a look.

Time Share your room out of Africa with this room decorated in deep midnight mauve’s and jungle greens, art work displays a sense of being in Africa. Rest knowing that a % of sales from this room will be donated to the Red Cross Society in their campaign against Malaria.

The Builtmore North Room

B&B Guest Room

Builtmore North Room

The Builtmore South Room

This room is decorated pink, a significant colour to remember.
Time Share your room with Marilyn Monroe and rest knowing that a % of sales from this room will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

B&B Guest Home

Builtmore South Room

These two rooms are on the second floor named Trailside East and West. Our daughter Victoria operated this B&B first year we opened as we had a commitment to Greenvale Acres Bed and Breakfast. The Trailside West room was named because it is the same side as the waterfall and could be remembered West “W” Waterfall. We never mixed the rooms up after that.

The Trailside East Room

B&B Guest Room

The Trailside East Room

The Trailside West Room

The Trailside West room, you know the one on the side of the waterfall.

B&B Tourist Home

The Trailside West Room

That concludes our Bed and Breakfast tour.

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