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Today I’d like to share a little Before and After with you. I have painted one of the dull bedrooms upstairs in our bed and breakfast and yesterday with the help of my master of all trades we were able to put a few finishing touches to what was a drably looking room.  I hope you enjoy my bed and breakfast in PEI. 

Before, not much to be said.

West room

After; we turned the beds to be under the window, put up wallpaper, a different colour of paint, and the room has seaglass decorated in bowls laying about, come have a look for yourself.

B&B room at Trailside in Winsloe PEI

The lighthouse wall border runs across the top of the window box (my master carpenter did a fabulous job)

lighthouse border

What goes with the wall paper? Lighthouses.


A hand painted lighthouse

painted lighthouse

A bit of the fishermen in me

fisherman wall hanging

Saving the best for last.  Seaglass adorns bowls and plates about the B&B. Personal collections from our beachcombing days laid out in bowls for all to see and admire, you can pinch a few if you like when you come for a visit. This lighthouse  is a music box and it lights up and was gifted to me by my cousin Janus years ago and it finally found a home, I love it. 

bowls of sea glass

Thanks for stopping by my before and after. 

I have one room left to paint and decorate nautical, but I’ll start it next week, maybe I’ll scrapbook or wrap some sea glass, ?? Thanks for stopping by.

~ cindy

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