It’s Saturday and the sun is shining and although it is a little cool I think we will go on a farm tour today.

For a small fee you can visit a dairy barn and learn the process of milking a cow, pet one, feed one and even be kissed by one if you are lucky.

$5 farm tour

Meet Dewar, he is the farmer working in his element and after today I have a better understanding of the A to Z about milk and where it comes from, or I should say how it comes.

Dewar the dairy farmer

Meet Vicki, she will be taking you on the farm tour and introducing you to the Dairy farmer and together they are ready to answer any questions you might have.

Vicki feeds the cows

Ask children today where milk comes from and they will tell you, “the store.”  Dewar and Vicki want children  to know the importance of farming and why milk makes sense so together they will be starting a dairy farm tour at their farm “Shadow Hills Farm.”

Here is one young farmer who is starting early but already knows how to feed the cows, carry a handful of grain, pitch hay and pick up the buckets left on the milking parlour floor and carry them off so you can’t put use to them. Her name is Ana and you will see her around often as she is Dewar the Farmer’s little helper.

Ana and the milk tank

Here the milk is gushing into the milk tank and running down the insides of the tank until it empties the cow.

milking machine

Wow, I guess I forgot to down size this photo, but you get the picture.

milk tanks

I’m getting an explanation of how the operation works.

pet a cow

Dewar picks Ana up for a closer look and lets her pet the cow.

cows waiting to milk

Cows are lined up waiting to be milked.

Ana leads the way to the calf barn

We mentioned Calf barn and Ana is leading the way, I think once she is able to talk she might be leading the farm tours some day.

feeding station

The calves come closer waiting for a pail of milk that is coming to them.

Calves drinking milk

I don’t know but these calves look a little pail, what do you think.  Anyway it took them all of 20 seconds to empty their buckets of milk.

raking hay for the cows

Vicki tells us how important food and water are to the cows while Dewar’s little helper rakes hay for the cows to eat.


We head back inside to say one last good bye to Dewar and thank him for the farm tour, he is almost done milking with only 4 cows left to go.  He said he had more work to do cleaning up the barn, and I wasn’t dressed for it so he invited us back when I had my overalls on to clean the barn with him.

That has been my dairy farm tour for today.  Dewar and Vicki along with little Ana will be set up for farm tours this coming tourism season and I’ll have more on that later.


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