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Children grow up with way too much tv today and not a lot of imaginative play.  In fact some don’t know what imaginative play is.  Ask yourself why that is?  I have an answer but first I want to have some fun.  

Grandma and Grandpa take Ana on A Camping Trip

“Take one”

Anastasia is my grand-daughter who has kept me young for the past 4 years.  She wanted Grandpa and I to take her camping in the RV because she thinks she might like that. 

Grandpa and I woke early so we could have coffee and a game of backgammon, we get the board set up and hear, 

“Hi guys, it’s me Ana, I’m awake how was your night I had a good seep”. (trouble with the sl’s)


Imagine never waking up grumpy.

“take two”

Ana: Grandma, you don’t have tv in your RV.

Grandma: Yes I do.

Ana: Where is it I don’t see it.

Grandma: That is because it is very small and we keep it in the cupboard.

Ana: Do you think I can watch it.

Grandma:  Are you allowed to watch tv at home?

Ana: Not when I’m milking cows or eating breakfast.

Grandma: Ok, then you can watch tv, I’ll get it out of the cupboard for you.


Grandma: Remember I said it was small.

Ana: I can’t see it Grandma.

Grandma: Hang on we have a special way of watching RV TV.

tools_to_ watch_tv



Ana: Grandma your silly




Ana: Look Grandma I can see it



Ana watching RV  TV





Ana: Grandma.

Grandma: What is it child?

Ana: Grandma, can you change the channel?


Why Grandma thinks children don’t have enough imaginary play.  Well my guess is everyone including tv does their thinking for them.  We want to be the teachers of children however we don’t set the stage for imaginary play.  Why  did I have so much imaginary play in my day?  Was it because there wasn’t as many toys as there are today to occupy us?  Was it that mom and dad didn’t have the money so we played with cardboard boxes.  Or was it that our parents were smart and set the stage for imaginary play?  Perhaps all the above but Grandma has a word of wisdom and that is teach your children to play, to imagine and at the same time have fun with them.  


The blog post is over and you may continue reading if you like but the following is just so I can look back and read and remember……….   Ana sleeps like a butterfly! knees up in the air and all of a sudden they drop to the sides.  I woke up every 20 minutes to this all night long.  She also grinds her teeth at night, when I asked her about it she said she didn’t have time to sharpen them in the daytime so she does it at night.  She also sleeps with her arms straight up in the air, she drops them only when you are just about to open your eyes so that it is more of a surprise seeing them land on your face.  She does all this in her sleep.  FYI Grandma, This is the first time I climbed a ladder, I’m not allowed to at the farm.




Ana: Ok grandma, I”m down now, what do you want to do next?

And if my children read this, thank you.  Thank you for listening to me when I said, “have your children when you are young.”  I lied about the reason.  It was really because I wanted to be young enough to enjoy them, thanks.


xoxoxo Grandma   ~OO~

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H= Harmony

O= Others

M= Mothering

E= Embellishments

Welcome Home where I am usually gardening however with all this rainy weather we have been getting these past few days I’ve been mostly knee deep in paperwork. To me paperwork is as hard as pushing the camel through the eye of the needle.

H = This past week I have found Harmony in the voices of young when we visited the International Youth Summit a few days ago. It was uplifting to meet Leah and Glen the parents of Rehtaeh Parsons who was bullied into taking her own life.  The youth summit is the start for everyone to wake up and take notice about bulling.


O =  Our RV travelling in the past week took us to Grand Manan Island where I meet others who live on an Island and struggle doing business.  I made a new friend and hope to contact her this week to see how she is doing.  Others who I have crossed paths with have returned home from their holidays and have emailed me back thank you’s for their lovely stay while here on Prince Edward Island.  One in particular who I took back to the teaching studio said, “my time with you was the highlight of my trip.” now those are pretty impressive words. I figure it is important to make a difference in this world, we all need good memories to look back on from time to time.

Hole in The Wall – Grand Manan Island


M = When I returned home I had a parcel card in my mail box indicating I had a parcel.  I could hardly wait till the next day and the Irving Post office opened.  On the inside was a peeler with and a wonderful note from a young lady in Ottawa.  When the kids were growing up I seemed to have made friends with their friends and many of them felt I was mothering to them and called me “Momma C” or Mom and Amanda has always called me her second mom.  She has a special place in my heart and will be travelling great distances this Christmas and will need plenty of prayers through her journey.  


E = Our trip away was also a seaglass adventure in search of, “why don’t you have enough?” I hear the voice of my son who wants our help to finish building his garage, lol.  It is a get away, a time to reflect, to walk on the beach, to clear your head, to relax after a busy season, to just enjoy sitting without the phone ringing or anything to do but most of all it was a time spent together that only the two of us share.  We need that time every now and again so I don’t think it is about the seaglass but it is about time and as we are getting older we appreciate it so much.  Back home I have a little gift shop and I make jewellery from the pieces of seaglass that are found on the beaches of PEI.  It has become a big thing now that the Sea Glass Festival lands in PEI each year and so many are turning to the art of seaglass.  I needed a new look, something to change, I didn’t want to give up what I love doing so much but on the other hand so many are doing Seaglass jewellery.  So I decided to design a new look, I like to think it is jewellery from the age and era of the Titanic but my French Gardener tells me it is Steampunk Jewellery with all the embellishments.  Whatever it is called I made a few new pieces this past week to share with you and need your opinion on them.  Like most new adventures, we are critical of ourselves so be honest and let me know what age group this might be aimed too? Do you think this might be a seller? Should I just stick to what I know and the usual wirewrapping I’ve done?


Drum Roll………



“Miss dragonfly”  has just landed on a smooth landing pad picked from the shores of Prince Edward Island. Well rounded and smooth this teal piece of seaglass was perfect for her little feet to drop down onto.



 This is dear to my heart and I caller her “Miss Diet”.  If you have a look you can see Miss Diet knows the key to success, and it  is  time and she has nicely put it onto her plate.




“Miss Reflections” who could forget this little dear who flutters around us daily reminding us of how short the tree of life really is for her.  The trunk of the tree of life carries her offspring who have not yet grown up to learn the colours of life yet,  but they are close by and eager. For if they earn those colours her job is done and passed on.




Bringing up the tail end is “Miss Wantabee”

“Miss Wantabee” is a flighty dragonfly who is very compassionate about her work and friends, she is compelled to be a follower not a leader. She enjoys the simple life of colours and flowers and couldn’t care about their names just that they surround her.  She has made her nest in the tree of life and won’t fly too far from it.


The pictures you see are real designs, the names and people they have been created from are protected for personal reasons, and because that is a Grandmothers job, to protect.

I hope You have enjoyed my HOME today.

I’m going to join up with Sandi on her blog site HOME where she invites others to a blog party everything home. Be sure to come and visit even if just for an idea or two about cooking, crafting, tea, friends and decor. 



Matthew 19:24   

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”






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