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A Green Tea for Tea Time Tuesday

Green Tea 

This week our garden has an abundance of green.  We have had asparagus in many ways this week. Fried with onions and garlic, boiled with butter, barbecued with a sprinkle of paprika, and purred with a dabble of cream.

No, I didn’t make asparagus tea! Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea, 🙂

A taste to be desired would be asparagus tea, for sure. 

I’ll stick to tea time Tuesday with Sandi and a regular green tea like Jasmine with Flowers thank you.

Take care my friend, enjoy your blog break,  Cindy 

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Welcome to my rendition of HOME. A comfy spot with a garden to escape, a pond to reflect, a couch to relax, a tea room to embrace, and place to hang your hat.  Gearing up for the end of May and wondering where it all went.  Time! it sure can get away if you are not watching.  Red is without a doubt my colour, be it a brimmed hat, a cup of cherry tea, scrapbooking paper, or a rose.  

  H = Helping grandchildren learn to use scissors
  O = Overwhelmed with the amount of dandelions 
  M = Mixing dough for cookies
  E = Ever grateful to have my son by my side
This has been my week at home.  Come along with me while I join Sandi at Rose Chinz Garden and her weekly blog of Home. Thank you Sandi for hosting such a wonderful spot where we can come; share, search, and find home and friends.

“Home; the place where our stomachs get three square meals a day and our hearts a thousand.” Charles M Crowe

First let me give you an update after 4weeks have passed with Matthew after his motorcycle accident.  He returns to the hospital once a day where he is on an IV drip of anti-biotics and has his dressings changed.  He has been home with me each day since this happened and yesterday his pride whispered to me when I drove him to work for an hour and I opened the door for him, “It’s ok mom, I’ll get out myself.”  He is determined to start back to work, I think it is too early. 

Today I picked a flower for a pot

 I chose a Cherry and Banana Black flavored Tea

And put it in a Rose Flower Cup

A tried but true hand forged tool

A glimpse of  my cookie cutter I’m sharing with you.


This week, has been a difficult one as my heart is home here with my son and my prayers have all been in Oklahoma with the many who have had their lives touched by this disastrous tornado. “Father, we give thanks and pray for you to touch the lives of many and shine through for them as they have been tested this week.”  

Life, health and home can be turned around so quickly. Some times we take for granted how weak we are and only take notice when something close to us has been touched.  My heart has been touched this week by an act of kindness.  Yesterday Paul Larkin noticed that Matthew’s grass needed cutting and he stopped in and got the job done! I’m grateful, thank you Paul.


God Bless, Cindy






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