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Nearing the end of April with Tim Horton’s cups everywhere and now people have taken to emptying their pockets of pennies into the streets. 

Even though it is Friday I’m getting my weekend off to a good start. I started walking my 3 km daily ritual and can’t believe this is my first morning out since we returned from the US only 6 weeks ago.  However, like any good procrastinator I’ve a good excuse because it has been cold!

So what did I find on my morning walk?  The Island is in need of a Spring Island wide clean up and clean up day is  May 13th.  On my venture down Stockman Dr I notice that everyone already has their yard clean up done. Then right there, in my path I found a shiny new penny heads up, oh happy dance.  Then onto the lower Rd I come across an empty lot, remember (Island bloggers) the house that was up for sale “to be moved” on the lower Malpeque Rd? Well Tim Horton’s could do a info-mercial just standing on that property today with all the empty Tim Horton’s cups that are there. Onto Melody Lane my thoughts wonder to the many mornings meeting up from behind with gas powered scooter delivering the morning paper. Buddy has cut down a lot of trees on his property and I know if I take hubby with me on my next walk he will return with the truck and overload it with wood for next years burn. Passing the Petro Canada is tricky as people are not doing the speed limit when they are coming off of Route 2 turning into Robin’s Donuts and I avoid becoming a hood ornament.

 Then passing in front of the Irving Tim Horton’s I notice a handful of pennies, remembering my grand-dad who always called them coppers.  Yes, I bent down and picked them up only to walk another 10 feet or so and find another pile this one with dimes in it, oh lucky day.  Then If I didn’t find another pile in the middle of the road and yet another pile of coopers  beside the sidewalk in front of the Tim Horton’s.  Now I have to wonder just what am I going to do with all these pennies, I couldn’t resist picking them up.  

Knowing very well that a few things changed while I was away and one of them being the phasing out of the Canadian Penny.  So what do you do with all your leftover pennies

Well you could make a necklace

Or a picture frame

A penny car

Or if you have plenty how about a floor or wall?

I noticed that the stores don’t seem to be charging you the penny or they will round up and give you back your change without the pennies.  

Either way if people keep throwing handfuls of pennies out their windows, and I keep picking them up, I’ll need to make a floor or wall.

Happy Friday, Cindy




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3’s 3″s 3″s 3’s 3’s 3’s 3’s 3’s 3″s

Everything happens in 3’s why?


It is very common to hear someone say, “everything happens in 3’s.”  I say it all the time. However, I most often say this when the 3’s are associated with me braking someone, something going wrong, disasters or misplacing something.  So again today I had to ask myself why do things happen in 3’s? Lets face it, if you know me I almost have a 3 tattooed on my back like “kick me.”

I asked Wikipedia about the

Rule of three (writing)


The rule of three is a writing principle that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. The reader or audience of this form of text is also more likely to consume information if it is written in groups of threes. From slogans (“Go, fight, win!”) to films, many things are structured in threes. Examples include The Three Stooges,Three Little PigsThree Billy Goats GruffGoldilocks and the Three Bears.

A series of three often creates a progression in which the tension is created, built up, and finally released. Similarly, adjectives are often grouped in threes to emphasize an idea.

That is according to Wikipedia

According to Cindy, here is what I think of 3’s

I don’t think things happen in three’s but I think we expect them to happen, so we notice more often than not when they do.   One thing is for sure, when 2 things have happened I”ve always waited for the shoe to drop and the third thing to happen and it usually does.

So here is my 3 last week

We arrived home to replacing a stove, washer and bedroom.

This week the door on the fireplace, a window, and a chimney lining.

Oh and BTW I’m liking my stove all the way. When the electric one gave out on me I decided to start cooking with gas again.

See the bottom, I can’t put my frying pans there anymore as it is a warming tray.

 Do you have the same association with 3’s as I do?

Have a great weekend ~00~ Cindy

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