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 Nearing the weekend and waiting on Bed and Breakfast guests to arrive, gearing up for the summer season while changing gears and cleaning them on a Kitchen Aid.  

 I really enjoy the Springtime and sometimes it flies by so fast I can’t enjoy it at all.  At this time of yea,r we spend most of our time prepping the gardens, organizing and pricing in the gift shop and seeing new faces in and out of the Bed and Breakfast. But I have been all over the place starting a odd job here, picking apart things that need to get done there and really not getting any one thing on the to do list crossed off, what’s with that?

 Yesterday our signs went into the sign doctor.  I think they need to have a little fix’n up before they go up.  Besides if they are in at the sign doctor they can’t be put up…. did I just say that? Ugh, I’m trying hard to Stretch the Spring, ha ha ha I made a funny. 

One of the odd jobs I got accomplished was to build my Etsy Shop, and now I need to build on it by adding pieces to the shop. I only have a few things there because I’m having a hard time with organizing or separating the items in my on-line shop from my Gift Shop.  



My biggest gear issue comes from the third gear, my son Matthew.  He used my Kitchen Aid with the meat attachment on it which sent me visiting  PartSelect Kitchen-Aid on-line to purchase a gear for the mixer and it came yesterday along with a bag of greese.  I think I know what I’ll be doing over the weekend. The gear box is full of greese adn metal filings.  I know what you are thinking:  have the son come over and fix it. 



 This is what gear teeth should look like on your Kitchen Aid

 This is after your son uses your Kitchenaid

 Just a little closer for the full effect 

 The metal filings piled up in the corner


Have a wonderful weekend my friends,

I sure hope your weekend is filled with fun and not a messy job.





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I use to think cleaning the fireplace was a dirty job but believe you me it has nothing on cleaning out the silt from the bottom of a pond.

Our pond is overdue for a clean up

This is not a job to do in the Fall because you want the silt in the bottom of the pond so the fish have a place to dig themselves into and they can over Winter there.  If you clean it up in the Fall they don’t have a chance at a very good survival.  Besides, we usually take a beachcombing road trip in the late Fall and we usually run from all dirty jobs.  


I found these buds on the Magnolia Tree yesterday.

Procrastinating, something I’m good at when it comes to a dirty job.


I had to pass by the pond to get back into the house, perhaps I’ll pull out a potted flower or two


I stopped when I heard tapping coming from this house

Looks like we are going to have house guests this year

More procrastinating

Lovely to see this bunch of Hens and Chicks survived the Winter.

Oh yes, the pond, right!

Well tomorrow is another day!

If it is warm enough we might get back at it.

Dirty jobs are easier to put off than to get done.

I’m thinking the Yellow Pages could even help.

Do you have any dirty jobs to get to?

Happy Tuesday, Cindy







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