Coming over the bridge to Prince Edward Island was an amazing feeling.  

Not that we didn’t enjoy the past 4 months adventures:

volunteering Occupy Sandy on Staten Island, beachcombing the many beaches, visiting places like; Jekyll Island, St. Augustine,  Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, New York, Florida, water parks, Gaterland, airboating, seaglassing, aquariums, plantations, historic sites, oh and the list goes on. Oh and best of all this was the first Christmas away from home and spent with Jennifer and the kids in North Carolina.RV living is fun, but we are planning if we do this regularly we have to do it in a much larger RV.  

We are home now, opening a ton of mail, Christmas Cards, getting the Tea Room ready, visiting everyone, planning a party for a little get-together with friends, a Spring Tea, and starting Zumba classes here on Mondays and Wednesdays. Wow, I can’t imagine why I’m so tired.

Tonight the time changes, going back will give us a longer day and bring us that much closer to Spring I can only hope. Looking out the backyard this morning at my gardens and pond, I found my imagination digging in the dirt.

I can only hope all the fish make it through the Winter

Time will tell, not much has changed though I still wake early 🙂

Till tomorrow, grandma ~00~



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