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Change is good!!!

Our Bed and Breakfast has 4 theme rooms, 2 of which are dedicated to local charities.  

If you know me well, then you  know I have a passion for 3 things in life the first being Sea Glass, second is change and the third is taking pictures…don’t let me keep you waiting.

Our Sea Glass Room

First the colour of paint was chosen from a piece of seaglass – but you knew that right?

The head board is a door from the restore in Charlottetown, oh and by the way the restore is the organization we will be sponsoring.  A door? I know right! anyway it will become a seaglass headboard once it is covered…..I have to wait though as we have guests coming in this newly redecorated room tomorrow for 5 days.  Then I can finish the room.  Every 5 years or so we switch up the not for profit organization and re-decorate the room. This was just too much fun and I have to share with you how amazing this this is.

Next a purchase of a mirror from Wal-mart for $9.98 and using  7800 bond and a few hours, voila.

This night table will have a sea glass mosaic on top. For now I made a  sea glass drawer pull. The comforter a $17.88 frugal find from Wal-mart. The lamp shade and curtains all match nicely with the beige, white and sea foam green.

I love this drawer pull.  I needed a flat drawer pull and the only one I could find was at Home Depot and it wasn’t for sale but display.  When I told the guys my dilema of being short just one pull, so they got a screwdriver and took the display off for me, how sweet is that?

The lamp comes from Dollar General (only in the US) for $15 and we took it apart and filled it with seaglass 

This shelf has been around for awhile and it just fit perfectly and holds dishes of seaglass, a book, and I’ll have to add a bit more, perhaps cover up that heart with a big hunk of seaglass, in 5 or so days though.

This little shelf was a good find from Nova Scotia on one of our ventures looking for sea glass.  I purchased it about 6 years ago and had it up behind the door at the old house. The drawers open and you can hid little stuff in them. I figure the hooks are where guests can hang their towels. The dish of sea glass on top is mixed colour and there for the taking. The two candle holders come from Sears and the colour jumped off the shelf and said “buy me” for only $1.99 each.

I  framed one of my sea glass pendants as a reminder I have sea glass for sale in the gift shop. This piece is  $46 and displays nicely in this dollar store shadow box. 

Sea Foam sea glass pendant

The single bed across the room

 These letters spell the obvious, “SEA GLASS”  however when I was painting them (to hang up later) I made an additional 19 words from this one word.  Grandpa only made 15 words, wooooohooooo for me.  How many words can you make from these letters? Without using the scrabble tool on the computer.

And I can’t go away without showing you how the room looked during and before the renovations.

This closet was just taking up too much room so out it came leaving a big mess of the walls. 

Grandpa leaves the puttying and puttering to me so I got to sit on this chair until it was time for me to take over

This is what the room looked like when we had donations going to the Breast Cancer Society over the past 5 years.

Well we are ready for the season and our guests tomorrow. Note to self, “deadlines have a way of making things happen.”

P.S. We started this renovation and I asked grandpa if he took the room off line and he said, “yes.”  On March 24 I got an email for a reservation for 5 days coming on March 27.  

Hope you enjoyed!

Cindy from the Trailside Bed and Breakfast

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Times sure have changed since I saw the last tap run for Maple Syrup. 

If my memory sets me correctly, Aunt Lola Larmour had one of the biggest Sugar Bushes around back when I was only well that high. Anyway it was an experience to go to her big farm house and wait while the team was hooked up to the sleigh.  We traveled the paths through the sugar bush jumping off the sleigh and grabbing the tin pails that were attached to the metal spouts and empty the pails into the vat on the back of the sleigh.  The best part was
 arriving back at the log cabin in the woods and the smell of the wood burning while it boiled off the water from the sap, oh the smell of maple and wood burning brings back the memory in a flash.  As young-ins we waited impatiently until test time and gathered around a fresh pail of snow while aunt Lola poured some test out onto the snow and we got to eat it up, snow candy.

Elmo will soon be hooked up and making the trip to the bush but for now we took Dad’s Truck


Things have changed a little today at a sugar bush 

Yesterday The French Gardener and I drove out to Shadow Hill Farms, met with Dewar and Victoria and gave them a hand at drilling and tapping and running spouts and hoses into pails. Yup, times have changed but the Maple Syrup Sap hasn’t changed much, as soon as the spout went in the sap started to run, and before us was the makings of a new Sugar Bush. 

So here is how to tap today

Never mind hooking up the sleigh to the team, because the horse power in dad’s truck should take us to the sugar bush. When we get stuck we will just use the tractor to pull us out and keep going.  When that doesn’t work we can all pile into the bucket on the front of the tractor and head to the sugar bush.  It is a bumpy ride and we can’t jump off like we use to do on the sleigh but it will get us to the bush. When we get there remember we brought the crew to carry the pails, taps, line and tools.  They aren’t as heavy as they were years ago when the pails spills were all metal.  Years ago we didn’t need any lines to run from one tree to another but this is a good idea because with enough line we could just run all the trees together and join them up to one lead pail to empty.  However, it is going to be a lot more exercise if we use all the pails we have after all they come with lids to keep the tree bark, and snow out. 

We enjoyed our day and went to bed tired. After all we haven’t done that much walking in a bush in a long time and walking on snow without snow shoes can be a little tricky. Not for Ana who will be 4 soon but she was a little trooper taking taps and lines to Dewar each time he drilled a new tree. 



The tractor ride back in the bucket was colder as the day went on and the sun started to settle.


Amazing how a lot of fresh air and hard walking in the snow can work up an appetite,

Now, the wait till there is enough run off to start the boil process. Can’t wait till there is enough for a pancake supper. 

 Enjoy your day, Cindy


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