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Today I am working on web stuff for the Bed and Breakfast and Tea Roomboring but the updates have to get done.

I have also been playing with:

My new grandson Logan

I have been playing/building borders for the scrapbooking gift shop

Oh and shopping for Shoes

Found a sale on at Sears for Bras, can’t beat a clearance

found a dress for the girls (Miss Sydney & Ana)  to wear while helping out at Grandma’s Tea Room this summer

I found another hat for the tea room

I started to make another Komodo beaded necklace with pearls and crystals

I also finished my necklace that I’m planning on wearing to Vic’s wedding (might change my mind by then)

Oh and I’ve been trying out new recipes, and perfecting my shortbread

Made a number of cinnamon bun batches

I stopped for a  Cinnabon at the Northgate Mall, I’m going to miss this back home

I dought I’ll miss these as much as I’ll miss my US Family

Hugs, Cindy



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“I mean finally,” says Grandma

Welcome! baby Logan,


Baby Logan, has arrived finally.

He is 9 pounds, 13 ounces,

Born February 11th, at 2:30 p.m. 

Oh and these are the comments from:

Grandma, “oh he smells so good”

Grandpa, “Little Logan”

Brian, “geeze, I got to get me a Mountain Dew after all that”

Mommy, “Hi, come and see my little man”

Emily, “He’s cute”

Makayla, “oh so sweet”

Annie, “Here mommy” (handing a bucket for Jennifer to throw up in????)

 Have a great week,   xoxo  Grandma

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