Today is a day to remember, a day to cry, a day to laugh, a day to rejoice.  Join in Sandi’s Home Party while she brings us all together remembering something close to our heart, our HOME! {Heart  O My Environment}


A day to cry,

Today October 31, 2012 we remember all our family, friends and our heart goes out to anyone who who has suffered pain in this devastating storm they called Frankenstorm (Sandy) that has hit the East Coast of the USA and made its way into Canada affecting so many.  Our Fall East Coast Beachcombing Expedition has been put on hold for a few weeks but we are planning to drive the East Coast and we will be stopping and helping those who we see are cleaning up sand, cutting up trees, and just all around trying to lend a hand on our drive down to the Outter Banks of North Carolina.


A day to laugh,

Somehow I manage to remember this day to be my sister-in-laws birthday and often think of her being so far away. Today I sent her a funny in an email. The funny was on me as I sent it to her work email and got an auto reply saying she was out of office until November 8th. I just hope no one is picking up her mail, yikes.








 A day to rejoice,

After three very long years we  are rejoicing today because today the sale of our old farm house closed.  When we first moved to the Island I had my eye on this big old farmhouse and fell in love with the hardwood floors, trim and grounds. We put our heart and pocket book into the fixer-upper to make it a home for our kids through their teenage years and also for tourists coming to the Island, (bed & breakfast). Today we drove down to the lawyers office and picked up the cheque and dropped off the keys. I’ll miss the old house that holds so many memories.


 It was a challenge over the past few days to stay away from the news and all that has been reported on Storm Sandy. It reminded me of the flooding that happened over in Stephenville, Newfoundland years ago. With the Red Cross I was on deployment to help out the flood victims. It makes me want to get on the road quicker making our way down the East Coast and Blogging the experience. 

blessings, Cindy

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