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We spent most of the day in Eastport Maine.  It was a stressful day yesterday, we left home, headed for the East Coast beachcombing if you haven’t already heard. Well anyway, Grandpa never drives through the border, no, we always stop and I drive through and  I have for the past 30 years without a problem.  This time Grandpa decides he is going to drive.  I just told him if he did a good job of it he could do it again. 

Guess what, he won’t ever be driving through again, I’ll be driving. I don’t know what the problem was but we were stopped and searched, oh ya. Enough of that one. 

So Eastport, another favourite spot of mine for sea glass and after we made our way down past a field and over a fence we were on the beach in a glory hole with all kinds of sea glass.  I think we picked for about an hour then it started to get dark and it was time to move on. While we were in Eastport we stopped off a an amazing little spot called Priscilla’s and had soup of the day, guess what it was butternut squash and bacon with a corn bread muffin on the side, yummy.  Then we headed to our other favourite spot and that is Ray’s Mustard, what a spot and we bought two new varieties and I got a large jar of my favourite Spring Maple

We are on the road again headed for Ellsworth, yes Jennifer we are still in Maine it is a large state you know.  Anyway we pulled up in the Wal-Mart parking-lot and made us a bite to eat then did a little shopping for a movie and after I finish this little bit of blog we are going to plug in the movie.  Oh, ya getting back to My Space, it is most of the RV but I let Grandpa have the drivers seat and I never put anything over on that side or around his seat.  But I was sitting at my work space table he built me and I was looking out at the dog because he has to sit right on top of me most of the time. I put his pocket purse on a hook and hung it off the holly shit bar so I didn’t have to share my space with him. Now that I have more room I can wire wrap sea glass while Grandpa drives.  



My table is full of sea glass and whenever he feels like it he just jumps out of the bag and walks across my table like he owns my space. He looks cute sitting there.

 Whenever I miss my little girls I just open the sun visor and visit with them again and again.

I’m working on a new piece, it is going to be for a bride, any idea what it might be?

No, well I’ll just have to keep you posted.  I’ll need to work on it again tomorrow in the daylight and I’ll see how much I get finished, perhaps I’ll have an updated picture for you tomorrow.

Take care, happy Friday in ahead,

Grandma ~00~



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Yes, we are almost packed and ready to hit the road for our next Beachcombing adventure.  We are headed to North Carolina to be with our oldest daughter for awhile. Hum, did I just say that? Awhile! this is November 12th and we are planning to return home on around the first week of March…give your head a shake. However with 2 kids and 2 grandchildren here home on the Island the separation can be a little difficult especially when you want to see everyone before you leave and spend a little time with them.

Spend a little time with them, that is an understatement….I’ve (we’ve) been trying to spend time with my daughter Victoria for the past year and a half and she doesn’t have time for us anymore. You would have to know the situation to have the picture so I’ll paint a small portrait for you. Victoria had a bad break up while she was pregnant and ended up moving back home, this would have been 4 years ago. We were everything to each other and going places together, she needed me, needed her mommy.  Victoria returned to work when baby Ana was born and Grandma looked after Ana a lot of the time right up until she was walking.  (speading ahead) This is where Cinderella meets the Prince and they live happily ever after. However the Prince doesn’t like Victoria’s friends and family and alienates her from them. I’m the one who is feeling hurt the hardest, I mean I had Ana all the time,  and spent so much time with Victoria that I miss them a bunch. Believe me Guy and I have tried… tried to get together…tried to find out the problem….tried to help them… and seems there is nothing we can do.  Victoria was feeling pressure between all of this and so I stopped inviting – so she could stop making excuses and not feel like she was in the middle. However stopping the invites probably made her feel like we didn’t want to have anything to do with them, I sure hope not as I saw how difficult last Christmas was for her and it brought her to tears, she ended up just leaving home and spending Christmas morning with us her brother and niece and left the Prince at home.  So here we are, a year later, nothing has changed except that Cinderella is making plans to marry the Prince.

Several times, most often, more often than not…cut the chase always over the last year – when Victoria has come over to our house he will sit in the car in the driveway and not come in.  Times Victoria calls and says, “I’m in a hurry and can’t stay long” or “I’ve got a million and one things to do I can’t stay long” or “I’m not staying because I have to ????”  or she stops in and tells Ana, “don’t take your shoes off we are not staying.” We hear this a lot, however because she hasn’t changed her mailing address she stops by to check or get the mail.  “hell, even one time I told her I had a cheque for her to pick up and we ended up putting it into the mailbox at the door because she didn’t have time to visit,” now that’s going a bit too far.  However, when Victoria needs a babysitter because everyone else is busy she calls me and sometimes at the last minute.

I’m hurt, disappointed and grandpa has had enough. So a couple of days ago I told Victoria how I felt, oh I was careful about what I said but needed to let her know how I felt. Truth is, the Prince is a very strong willed, hard working man and in fact I have a lot of respect for his intelligence and that he has accepted Ana as his own, but he needs to “Man up” like Judge Joe Brown says. I mean come on it’s not like I’m losing a daughter and gaining a son in law here, I’ve lost both a daughter and a grand-daughter. 

The RV is to pull out of the driveway tomorrow and everything that could go wrong is going. The pharmacy doesn’t have enough of my prescription to fill for 3 months, we didn’t get some paperwork finalized, Jennifer is over excited we are coming and has been ringing us on Skype  Matthew has been needy wanting to spend as much time with us as possible. Then Victoria told me she didn’t feel like visiting and besides she had to get caught up on laundry and dishes that had been piling up.”  What! did I hear her correctly? The only time I have seen Victoria in the past year is when she gets us to babysit, dropping Ana off or picking her up. I didn’t dare tell her that Grandpa and I worked hard to Christmas shop, stuff stockings and wrap gifts and put up our tree (on November 11, I’m ashamed to say) so we could have Christmas with the kids before leaving. So I told Matthew different, and said come over and plug in the tree and skype with Grandma and Grandpa at Christmas time. Ya, No, I said nothing  I don’t want her to feel guilty that we were excited and sad about going away all at the same time. 

In light of all this Grandpa and I picked up a few things around the yard yesterday (Nov 11) to put away in the barn for the Winter and I looked up and

this is what I saw,

Just two blooms

My Clematis Blooming on November 11th

Amazing how a flower can change how you feel. 

This is the first November 11 that I ever remember the sky not to be dark, the day cold,  wet and rainy with a very black sky as we stood before the cenotaph downtown Charlottetown, wearing our poppies paying respect.


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