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Got a new Gizmo and I’ve put it to work. It is a Daisy ??? and you can make a Viking knit. I’m on a sea glass vacation and being the co-pilot gives me time to sit and knot.

Start with raw seaglass                        once you get the viking knot started






         insert a piece of glass                          adding another






continue the knit                                 out past the last piece of seaglass






        This knit has only one piece of seaglass in it, I’ll make the chain and attach it to either ends finishing it off. 











Check back, we are on a sea glass vacation and plan to go out early tomorrow morning on a low tide, wish me luck

Sea glass Cindy

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Our travels have taken us from PEI where the Sea Glass is top quality and jewellery grade to the East Coast of Nova Scotia in search of sea glass. On the North Shore we have encountered high winds and forcing rain. In between the rain we have beachcombed as little as 17 areas and as many as 35 stops in search of the gem shards of  sea glass. I took this amazing shot of the bridge after we got on the other side and wanted to share. (click to enlarge)


 The weather is beautiful and sunny today but that is only because it has been rainy and windy over the past 3 days. Still it didn’t stop us from jumping out of the RV and combing the beaches. Our luck hasn’t been that great, I guess our expectations were higher, however, we still have many days to this adventure and I hope you come along and find out more.


Now we have come across a number of interesting items in our travels and the mailboxes are one of the interesting items to note. I have found decorative mailboxes, ya I wasn’t able to take pictures of all of them, but I did see birdhouses with the door being the opening for the mail. Another was a large lighthouse, the red window was the mailbox and I should have turned around for that one. But I did get a picture of this one and I think because we were in the back woods you might find it interesting.  Speaking of back woods we came across a mamma and her babies feeding off berries, cute.


Yes, I’m in search of sea glass but I couldn’t help taking a couple of barn pictures while we are over here.  I have so far about 30 pictures but I’ll just share these two, boy I sure do appreciate a digital camera. I can’t imagine taking all these pictures with my kodak point and shoot, or the polaroid instant camera. 

These next two are a one of a kind finds, only in Nova Scotia will you find restaurants like these. This is Mel’s Diner, out of this pop top she has a full kitchen and serves her Mel’s Meals that she home cooks and brings on the back of her 4-wheel each day to the gas station.

This is some metal art on display, when you drive by it the waves actually make it look like it is pouring.  It is located at Trenton, NS. TrentonWorks was the first steel plant in Canada and is now making wind turbines.



In search of sea glass I’ve started with three pieces I found here and I’m making a viking knot necklace with sea glass, stay tuned. 


That is all on Sea Glass, we may be away from @ over the next couple of days and that will give me a chance to work on the viking knot.

Take care,


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