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It’s a great day when you…

  • a) have a grandma who just happens to have a Tea Room
  • b) she has hats you can wear while having tea
  • c) she lets you wear her hat
  • d) she makes the best pbj sandwiches in the world
  • d) serves chocolate milk in little tea pots
  • e) she takes your picture wearing a hat and hands you the picture before you leave 
  • f) and has donuts for sweets

Ana has, “white milk, please grandma.”

Miss Sydney has chocolate milk, “thanks grandma.” 


 We Love You Grandma!






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 Welcome to my 13th Tea Time Tuesday. Celebrating a special day today as it is the first day in 2 months, I have felt amazing after a number of operations. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with one of our amazing scones.

Scone Giveaway at Grandma’s.


I’m feeling amazingly well and recovered from yesterday being the last operation,  after my 12 day hospital stay. This day I’ll take it remembering friends, well wishers, prayers, and hopes of recovery by asking you to join me in a virtual tea party or stop by Grandma’s for a scone this week.  Join me in the journey along with Sandi our host of TEa Time Tuesday atRose Chintz Cottage


There is just something about the smell of fresh brewed tea and fresh baked scones.

This week between July 10 and July 13

Grandma is having a little Giveaway! Enjoy a Scone on me.

Stop by the Tea Room 11am till 2pm and help me celebrate.  


Visit our Sea Glass collection, perhaps wire wrap a piece.

This week at Grandma’s between 11am and 2pm we are celebrating!  Stop in and have a scone on the tea house.


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Grandma ~OO~

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