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The re-opening of the Charlottetown Superstore is today, so, coffee in hand we were the first at the door when it opened.  

I got this nice bag for my groceries, a fantastic, “Hello, how are you today? Welcome to the store this morning.”  Then when I didn’t think it could get much better I was handed a President’s Choice $10 gift card, wow.

Store open


Doors open

I was first in line looking back at the people coming in

Gift Card and bag


The produce department looks great, wonderful job, bright, colourful

Gift Card and Bag

New look to the store with a lot more No Name Yellow products

everything looks great


“Thanks for coming out, today Mam.”

“We hope you enjoyed your visit today?”

Thank you superstore, now it is time to go beachcombing, see ya.

Cindy ~OO~

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      Today the weather is nice and we ventured off to map locations.  With 3 GPS’s  we set off on a adventure to different beach destinations, mapping, locating and searching out a fun adventure for this upcoming tourism season.  The Island’s first ever Beachcombing Adventure: lets get it started.  We went exploring beaches with three GPS navigators and marked a few new beaches that needed exploring and a number of beaches we have already explored where we are sure you will always find beach treasure. Yes it is still Winter here, however we were not out beachcombing but we were out mapping. We did a little beachcombing and found this nugget.

Winter sea glass nugget


sea glass beachcombingGuy and I have put together a unique GPS Sea Glass Beachcombing Odyssey.  

 With a GPS, we plan to send you “Beachcombing PEI” to a number of beaches that have treasures washed ashore. “What kind of treasure?” I’m glad you asked, you could find sea glass, shells, marbles, pipe ends, glass bottles, doll parts, wine stoppers, pottery and more. These are just a few of the things I’ve found on our beaches. With all the number of ship wrecks along the coast, every tide brings a new discovery each day. We started Beachcombing about 11 years ago. Then we took our adventure on the road and beachcombed the East Coast from Prince Edward Island to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and followed through down to Key West exploring beaches and inlets. We consider ourselves Beachcombers and you can read about our Sea Glass Vacation on our Blog. We started beachcombing just for fun, for exercise, for peace and relaxation, now we have the bug and we can’t stop. We have turned our passion for beachcombing into an expedition for all to enjoy. This is a great way to see the Island and explore the many beaches of PEI.  Beachcombing, truly a must do adventure while on your Prince Edward Island vacation.


In order to bring you this unique experience package, we have included: a treasure map for a  fun, how to beachcomb for the adventure, instructions on where to look for beach treasures using one of our GPS. This is a great way to adventure PEI while outdoors, getting exercise and making a lasting memory. It’s a beachcombing scavenger hunt! 

Once we set you up with the GPS unit and show you how to use it, we then hand over the treasure map and off you go from beach to beach in a sea glass odyssey, searching for beach glass or a sea shell adventure, or a quest for a treasure  that might have floated a shore from the Titanic.


Wire Wrap your own beach treasureThis piece of sea glass was picked off the shores of Prince Edward Island and turned into a beautiful pendent. Bring me your beachcombing treasures and I’ll teach your to wire wrap your favourite piece into a treasured souvenier.

Your adventure will also take you to a few Gift Shops along the way that will have beachcombing items to seek out and purchase.  By now you have worked up an appetite,  so we also point you in direction of some of the best food on Prince Edward Island.


Treasure Chest of sea glassThis can be a Half and or full-day experience $40.  Wire wrapped treasures $10 per item.  We have a treasure chest full of Sea Glass for those who have not come across their favourite piece to wire wrap and you may dig for treasure in the chest.


Beachcombing Experience $40

  • Adventure  Treasure Map
  • GPS and instructions
  • Adventure Touring Beaches, Gift Shops, Restaurants
  • Bring your treasure back to the Island Made Gift Shop and I’ll teach you to wire wrap your treasure into a wearable jewellery or key-chain souvenir $10 per item  

Book your Sea Glass Beach Odyssey today.

Happy Hunting ~ Cindy



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