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Welcome to my #9th tea time Tuesday.  I’ll be joining Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage as Tuesday is a great time for tea and friends.  

Thank you Sandi for this tea opportunity. 

During the summer months Grandpa and I are busy with guests in Grandma’s Tea Room and looking after our Wee Little Gift Shop.  Come the Winter months we like to busy ourselves with repairs, little jobs, updates, and grandchildren (our children plan right).

This past week Ana was over and she came to me wanting her tea set.  Ana is 2 and Grandpa is 52, so that makes 50 years of between them, you’d think. Especially Grandpa because I put him to work in the Tea Room all summer and so he has lots of experience making the tea for all you ladies, and he loves to entertain if you have been by you know this.  

Ana makes tea for Grandpa 

Ana and Grandpa having a tea party

She will make a fantastic hostess in the Tea Room some day

and some cream

All this help, what more could a Grandma ask for?

“More Tea”, says Ana

Ana pours tea for granpa

Ana pours Grandpa another cup of tea, (well just water)

Grandpa sits in the living room and pretends to be watching little Ana and each time I pass I see only one eye open.  So Ana is running back and forth bringing him tea (water) for his little cup.  I hear Grandpa tell Ana that he has had enough tea, for he is about to swim in his tea pea.  Not only a fantastic Grandpa and great baby sitter but also a comedian. 

Their little tea party was about the cutest thing ever, until…

Grandpa says, “Grandma, hey! enough with the tea unless you are going to bake us some cookies?”

I go into the living room to see what he’s going on about as Ana pours grandpa another cup of tea (water). I watched as he drinks his last cup of tea then I said to him, “Did it ever occur to you the only water she can reach to get, is in the toilet?”

Ana and Grandpa, and the wee little tea party.


Life has it’s moments, Grandparents are great but may not always be the best choices for babysitters because sometimes they teach your children things you don’t want them to learn. 

Thanks for joining me in my tea time Tuesday’s wee little tea break.  Please leave me a note that you have been by and I’ll revisit you as soon as I have tidied up around here.  Enjoy your next cuppa tea today  




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Remember a few days ago I posted that I had been at the ReStore and thrifted a lamp for $2.00? 

a lamp for a craft project

Today the SeaGlass lamp is finished and you can visit the full blog over at my craft blog called scrapandwrap.

Sea Glass Lamp

Visit  scrapandwrap and see the sea glass lamp light up.


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