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Most of you who know me know I’m frugal.  Remember my frugal flip flops?, ya, well they are still holding on.  Today I’d like to share my new plastic sunglasses with you.  They can go anywhere, match everything, be the hit at a party and even block the UV rays, 4ml and can fold away and be reused as something else. The best thing of all, they are unbreakable.

A sure thing if you plan to be on one of PEI’s beaches this summer.

Till next time, x0 cindy

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Help! my kitchen is being taken over by fruit flies.  What can I do to control them and where did these suckers come from and how do I prevent them from ever coming back to my kitchen.

Fruit flies are mostly around over ripened fruits, vegetables, beer and wine. They are also attracted to moist areas, and thrive on wet mops, sponges, dish rags, sink pipes and the moisture around the toilet tanks. 

Fruit flies come home with you from the grocery store on fruit you purchased, they enter your home through your window screens and doors. If you compost outside you have a breeding bin for them, if you empty your house compost then bring it back into the house, then often they will just follow you in the front door. Keeping your garbage in plastic bags and your compost closed will help but once you have them, they will multiply fast. Throw away old sponges and dish rags, put a heater on under the sink and dry the area of pipes, wipe down the backs of toilet tanks. Here is a good way to trap your stray pets that are newly taking over your kitchen.

These are the ingredients needed for your Fruit Fly Farm.

  • bottle of wine
  • bowl
  • fork
  • plastic wrap
  • fruit fly farm signage

I know what you are thinking, what is the fork for?


Notice how I switched out the wine for a maybe less favourable variety, the flies don’t care. First place an 1/8 of an inch of wine in the bottom of your bowl.

Then cover your bowl with the plastic wrap.  This can be tricky and you want to get the plastic pulled tight so the flies don’t escape after they have had a drink.

This is where the fork comes in handy. So with your fork, you want to poke a few holes into the plastic wrap that will allow the flies to enter the moist, fermented area. Make sure to remove the fork from your trap as it might be a deterrent and keep the flies away. It would look rather intimidating to a small fry.

Signage is important at this point, to making sure the stray flies will notice the Fruit Fly Farm.  Next pour yourself a glass of wine and go sit outside and relax.  Unlike Farmville on Facebook your Fruit Fly Farm needs no tending to, you won’t have to get friends to buy into your corporation and you might even attract some of your neighbours farm animals.

After a few glasses of wine, you see that tribal fruit flies have gathered on the inside, they are flying about trying to get out and they can’t find the right hole to come out of.  Pick up your fruit fly farm and shake it! all the flies have now drowned. Pour another glass of wine and come back and repeat in 20 minutes.

Thank you for stopping by my Fruit Farm.  If you have fruit flies be sure to try this.  If you don’t and want to have as much fun as I have, then leave some fruit laying about until it is almost fermented and in no time you can start your own Fruit Fly Farm.

xo, cindy a frugal fruit fly farmer

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