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Tied to her apron Strings is a term that we all come across at one time or another.  I used to think it was just an old school phrase that mom used when she was talking about someone who was immature and not grown up yet.  However I have a new meaning to tied to her apron strings now that I have grandchildren and my first two were girls and the third was a son.

Tied to grandmother's apron strings

I was curious and so that sent me typing to Google asking about hanging onto mother’s apron strings.  I found out something I already new and that is that a boy who doesn’t want to leave home and be out on his own for whatever reason is said to be, “Tied to her apron strings.”   Matthew my son, who is last at home just jumped the nest and we both figured it would be hard but he checks in so often and drops by each time he passes for work that I almost don’t miss him.  Besides I get my kitchen all to myself… he is a chef.


This is Ana, she gives a new meaning to the term tied to mother’s apron strings.

Do you have someone tied to your apron strings? I’m just curious is it a boy or girl?

Bye for now,

xo, cindy

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Mermaid Tears Sea Glass Festival 2011

Treasures, gems, and shinny things all come together in one place to celebrate the year with a Sea Glass Festival held in the Wood Island Ferry Dock and this year it was July 15, 16, and 17th.

Mary MacKay, wrote a story about the  “Jewels of the Sea,” all about collecting and finding sea glass on the shores of PEI. The Canadian press enthusiastic with the story picked it up and it started appearing in newspapers across Canada. The article back then mentioned  the expectations of a sea glass festival in 2009.   That article brought about many Sea Glass enthusiasts and artisans on PEI and before long many were helping organize the first Sea Glass Festival on the Island.

Mermaid tears a term used from a story told of how the sea glass came ashore.


I just wanted to share something we found while on our sea glass vacation last October.  We came across a number of memorials at sea along fences, statues, monuments and all reminders of fishermen lost at sea.  I traveled with sea glass from PEI and each memorial I found I placed mermaids tears back.





I came across this in my collection.

Mermaid tear for fisherman's memorial









Wikipedia tells it so well when they tell us that Sea glass is glass found on beaches along oceans, bays, rivers or large lakes that has been tumbled and smoothed by the waves, water and sand, creating smooth, frosted shards of glass.

Without any more delay we prepare for the trip to Wood Island and today we have a little tag along, Anastasia is with Grandma today and ya, she is not going unless she can wear her cow boy boots and her tea hat.

Ana ready to hit the road




Ana is ready to get into the car with her cowboy boots and her tea hat, baby has to come along.







We arrive and first we register for the childrens sea glass hunt.  As Ana is on the beach she is yelling hunt hunt and getting all excited, with each yell out of her,  other children think she has found lots and head over to where she is to have a look.

beach combing

It was fantastic to see so many children searching for sea glass as a couple of volunteers walked about and dropped sea glass onto the shore so the children could find it.  Fun time had by everyone.






"more gamaw, more"



















Wow, the ferry is coming in all this excitement at once, what a day.

Then she spotted something big, really big







Lots of events for children from face and fingernail painting to a sea glass hunt, a rubber band boat race and sea glass necklace making there were a full page of scheduled events.

rubber band boats









Finally the reason I drove up there, the moment had come it was time I could hit the tent, the tent filled with everything sea glass.

lots of people in the tents









All kinds of booths, sea glass, artisans and guess what there was Ana, stealing everyone’s thunder. She drew a crowd that invited people to stand around while she pole danced, how embarrassing.  I just kept walking and left Grandpa to deal with this.

Ana having fun at the Sea Glass Festival 2011











I visited with faces I had seen from last year and talked with a few new faces and I think I would like to have a table set up for next year where I could show what I do with sea glass.  The plans are already in the making and the event is already scheduled for next year so be sure to come out and join in the fun.

Here is a little bit of my Island Experience with Sea Glass

Sea Glass Shadows









beach glass silver wrapped





















clear sea glass

clear glass wrapped in sterling and gold













Sea Glass Jewelry

beach glass / sea glass beach glass / sea glass beach glass / sea glass

beach glass / seaglass

beach glass / sea glass beach glass / sea glass beach glass / sea glass

beach glass / sea glass beach glass / sea glass beach glass / sea glass

beach glass / seaglass beach glass / seaglass beach glass / seaglass

Beaded Jewellery

beaded jewelry beaded jewelry beaded jewelry

beaded jewellery beaded jewellery


This has been a day. Do you hobby with sea glass, like shinny things and are attached to sparkly unique pieces of jewellery?  I think a great deal of us are. Until next time, sea glass! make sure to pick it up and drop by the gift shop and I’ll wrap that for you to go.  This is an experience we offer Wed, to Sat 12 noon until 4pm. The Island Made Gift Shop, 545 Malpeque Rd, (Route 2) Winsloe PEI.

xo, cindy




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