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Greater Evening moves into Charlottetown.

Yellow diggers going on in Charlottetown lately.

Over the years there have been many changes about our little Island and one of the fast changes that is visual is the number of house being built.  I didn’t see an increase in the population however we are watching an increase in construction and building new homes over the past 2 years in and around the Charlottetown area.

I spy on this development each time we drive to Charlottetown.

Charlottetown Construction

How can I help but spy on this, each time we pass the Island clay is moved from one end to another. Little piles are here then next day over there.  A trench is square all around the outside.  Ginormous pillars stack the inside.

I asked around to see what everyone thought of the new construction going on and just what is being built there anyway.  Interesting enough, I got that Wall-Mart is going to move into this when it is built as they feel where they are now isn’t large enough.  Hum, another said that Cosco is being built there, “isn’t it great.” While others said, “This is about to become a large seniors living development.” Then again,” National Headquarters is being built in this location.”  So I don’t think anyone knows but the adventure is upon us  and there is this fine line of dirt and soil I look for each time I drive to Charlottetown these days.

This has been my little bit of Yellow Mellow Monday.

Take care, xo, cindy

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Prince Edward Island is suffering from a poor tourism season, it is simple things are priced too high causing a lack there of business.

I took a walk about the garden this morning and was thinking about just how Budget Friendly PEI really is.  Google claims when I type Budget Friendly that a report from the Gov on the handed down budget is what I’m asking for.  Maybe I’ll include activities in this search and see what comes up.  Here we go, so for $500 dollars according to Google, pei has a  friendly budget family accommodations somewhere, I won’t report where as that doesn’t matter as much as this is what is showing up on my search results.

Here is a few Budget Friendly things to do in PEI.

1. Take in a Garden Tour at Grandma’s Afternoon Tea Room. Enjoy the gardens, pond, koi in the pond, M.J the backyard 4 legged friend who has a ball attached to her mouth. Cost is free

Grandma's Gardens

2. Geocaching the Confederation Trial if you have a hand held GPS the trail is full of Geo’s at geocaching.com.


3. At the Island Made Gift Shop you can “Make and take Scrapbooking.” Drop by and make  a scrapbooking tag to go along with your vacation photos.  Cost free, I like that.

PEI related do dads

4. Go to the Beach, pick one of the many beaches on the Island that you don’t have to pay to enter, have a look at your map.

5. I’ll have that wrapped thank you. Do you like Beachcombing in PEI, well while at the beach look for a shell, or sea glass and bring it into the Gift Shop and I’ll wrap that to go for you. 545 Malpeque Rd, Route 2 in Winsloe.  I’ll teach you to wrap your treasure and you can leave wearing it.  Cost is $5.00

Well I wish I had more fun activities to report to you.  I’ll keep looking in the meantime I have scones to bake and an Afternoon Tea to prepare for at Grandma’s Tea Room.

Take care,  xo cindy

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