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A hint of Red

red tulips (remember you can click on the image to enlarge it)

It is a daily surprise to have a perennial  garden that offers me a different flower each day.  It amazes me how much red and purple there is right now dancing about the garden.  I’ll have to remember that come next year if the Red Hat Society is looking for a meeting place again to try and schedule during my “Red Hatters Garden Week”.



A splash of purple

mini grape hyacinths These grape hyacinths have a true meaning to purple. Sydney (grand-daughter) spent the day with grandma last Friday. I found her a pair of children’s garden gloves and we keep them in the front closet. As soon as she arrives she heads to the closet and puts on these backwards, longer than her finger gloves, slaps her hands together and says, “ready Gramaw.”




New Patio Furniture

garden furnatureGrandma purchased this set of patio furniture, a little table and chair, they look so cute in the garden.  They are really plant stands and are just the right size for Sydney to sit at. Friday she sat here and had her own tea party after lunch snack. I was overly joyed when she asked me to come and sit with her but I could here the chair screaming, “don’t you dare” so I sat on the rock beside her.




Garden tea for two

garden tea partyThese are not far off from the patio furniture. I should have had Sydney scoot-ch over beside them and you could have seen how large they are.  Lets see, the tea pot could probable hold enough tea for a party of 30 something.  Oh, by the way I think that would be an endless cup of tea at the party.  It is about 5 gallons or 18 liters.

I found these gems at Kent building supply downtown Charlottetown.  We had to make two trips to get them back to Grandma’s house.  When we pulled into the driveway Sydney said, “Gama you forgot u tea cups at the store.”  So back we went and a good thing too as we needed a couple more flower to fill that big tea pot.

These are an awesome find, checkerboard tulips.

checkerboard tulips

This concludes my red hatters garden.  It looks like the yellow tulips are starting to open this week so seems we just might make it to a Yellow Monday, provided the sun shines.

xo, cindy

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Grandma’s duties were being exercised yesterday (granddaughter Sydney) at the tea room while we had guests in.  A lovely couple from Summerside decided to stop by and they had a relaxing great time, while another from Taiwan came by.

Seeing as there wasn’t much work being done with a 3 year old under foot we decided to take a trip down to the Confederation Court Mall to visit our pet keeper Mike at Little Critters.  The visit ended with us bringing home 3 Koi fish. I would have brought home a lot more but the cost of them this year is, well we won`t go there.  Sydney was determined to feed the fish as soon as they made it out of the bag she said, “Gama, I think they are hungry they want some macaroni.” Gama told her not to be coi roy.

They joined the others in the pond and I have them trained to feed at the feeding station.

koi enter the pond M 20,11

Thanks for stopping by, next time you stop by the reeds should be taller and perhaps a lily pad or two will be on top of the pond.

xo, cindy

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