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This is the first born calf for Vicki and Dewar at the ShodowHill Farm.  She doesn’t have a name yet but I think being around Easter she should be called Ester, although I believe I heard Ana call her Bella.  Come and visit the little calf.

Momma nudges her little calf who hasn’t drank yet.

The girls learn about the new calf.  She isn’t steady on her feet yet, and while Ana was petting her she just fell over, that was another surprise both the mother cow and Ana were bawling

Ana pets the calf and tells her it is ok, that she is ok


Momma looks on and bawls a little until we put her back


Momma is happy again now that her calf is back inside with her


This was the barn surprise after the girls had their Easter Egg hunt.  What a day it was, filled with surprises.  I hope your Easter was rewarding filled with blessings.


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Spring is here and this has been the first year we have had short sleeve weather for an Easter egg hunt. Grab your baskets and fill your boots!

A little fun at Grandma’s today




Thank you for stopping by our little Easter Egg Hunt.  Blessings during this Easter Weekend. If we all looked for Jesus as hard as we searched for Eggs this weekend the world would be a very happy place. God Bless,


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