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Best described in Norton Juster’s “The Phantom Tollbooth” as being lost in the doldrums.

Do you get the JANUARY BLAHS? Most of the days feel grey, the skies seem grey and everything just appears drab. It can be hard for some people to get back into a routine after they have experienced the excitement of the holidays, the food, family and friends you only see once in awhile.

Monday was a grey day for sure, the ski, clouds, and feeling was all around.  Sometimes I wonder if this seasonal affective disorder is from the lack of sun or could it be a let down from the holiday.

Either way some people feel they have a lack of energy, they are not able to complete regular daily tasks, sort of similar to depression. A sure sign is when someone is agitated easily or irritable in their everyday life.

Do you ever get to the point that you feel irritated? Easily agitated by simple things others do around you? Did you pay attention to see if it is around this time of the year?

RID THE BLAHS. First accept the blahs, ya,  give yourself permission to celebrate that this is a reoccurring event and then lets celebrate.  You have finished the pies, cookies, cakes and overeating of junk food, enjoyed a less active life, dabbled in a few drinks and now you need a kick start to overcome the blahs.  Start by drinking plenty of water. Get enough sleep at night. Walk in the day cold or not. Get off the couch put on some music and dance. Make a job jar to pick from each day. Take some extra vitamins. Eat healthy high fiber more vegetables in your diet. Take the time to celebrate that we are almost at the end of January.

Best of all when someone invites you out, accept the invitation, I did and look how much fun we had. (camera/computer works today woohoooo I got pictures for you)

Get warm inside so you can go outside.

Load them up.

Away we go.

Ya! Mum, mum “cow, ses”

There is always something crisp about snow shadows.

Heading home.

Memories they are what you make them.

Thanks for coming along on our sleigh ride.       xo, cindy

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This might turn into my best Monday Morning Ramble ever.  Over the past two weeks I have had wrong communication problems between my computer and my scan/printer. Then the problems started a week ago with my camera as it wanted into the conversation as well. So here goes, my computer won’t talk to my printer and do a print job unless I reboot the computer. Well if that isn’t a pain in the ass each time I want to print something (I have to sit longer)

However my camera got a little jealous this past week and decided it wanted a piece of the action too, so the camera stopped all communication with my computer unless I reboot.  So part of my day is spent rebooting instead of keeping with my exercise plan and all this is keeping me under the weather. I’m about recycling and so are my photos until I find a solution.

OH HAPPY DAY, (whisper) oh happy day, (shout) OH HAPPY DAY

Pictures courteous of my photo files, old but organized and recycled.

Have a good Monday Everyone, xo, cindy

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