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Well here we are day 33, on our way back home via through Ottawa to Prince Edward Island.  We are in The Cape tonight, ya Cape Cod and we stopped off at a hotel in Falmouth for the night , called Admiralty Inn at 53 Teaticket Hwy .  It is morning the next day, we slept well all the way to 9:40 so that indicates the beds are comfortable.

However we discovered a few problems that I tried to get management to address and I was told,oh well.  I asked the girl who oversees the cleaning into our room and she told me she didn’t clean this room someone else had.  It is called passing the buck.  In Prince Edward Island we never would pass an inspection and be allowed to open in this situation.

I just went looking for the managements name and number and found something I wished I’d check on last night.

This is mold and a hole above the shower

No knob for the shower, so you can't run a bath only take a shower.

Mirror over sink, I'd say it is dirty but that is just a clean up

This in one headboard, the other is the same and so are the lamps and front of tv.

The cleaning issues can be addressed.  However various other things like the inside of the coffee maker, the mold, hole in wall,  shower faucet, broken heat register, are not part of the cleaning staff’s responsibility and need to be replaced and fixed.

Breakfast wasn’t great.  I expected a couple of fresh fruit and the only apples in the basket wouldn’t be used for pies and they came and took them away when I asked for a banana or something else.  The French Gardener made a waffle but with two bottles of empty syrup both him and another guy stood waiting with cold waffles while I found someone to fill the containers.  Get the coffee at Dunkin Donuts on your way out.

We came in, in the dark and must have had blind fold’s on or were very tired however as I think I mentioned before the beds were of good quality and we had one of the best sleeps in the past 33 days.  Oh and before I forget the internet does work like they said but only if you are three doors from the office as the connections need receivers in other parts of the buildings to work.

Here is the French Gardeners catch of the day.

Pentagon shaped sea glass

The desk girl Terry suggested we go to KK Capers if we are looking to have fish and chips for supper. We took her advice and was glad we did it was fantastic.

So we took her advice, found KK Capers Seafood and Surf with a sign out front “$2.00 for beer on tap” sounds good the glasses are 18oz as well.  We go in and to our surprise the table is set waiting for us, ya plastic knife and fork with a paper napkin.  Our menu arrives and without a delay I’m already asking about the fish, Halibut is what they serve, I’d rather cod but lets not push it.  Get this, for $8.99 the fish and chips comes with two sides so I ordered onion rings and coleslaw.

While we wait there are trivia cards on the table and a big screen tv in every corner.  I wasn’t fancy on the plastic knifes and forks so I asked for silver, no stainless steel will also do.  Our server a rather younger Jay Leno returns with the silver and asks about our whereabouts.

Minutes later Mr. Leno returns with two meals plated each on paper plates, and sets them down in front of us.  One would figure if she asked for silverware, she may not want a paper plate to eat off of.  No kidding, it didn’t matter everything was so wonderful, the fish is the best I have had in a long time the chips are fresh pealed not frozen  and the rings look all homemade also and the cole slaw, well it was so good I asked for an order to go.

Back at our room we take a swim from 8 to 9pm and now we are kicking back watching a little tv and making plans for a sea glass adventure on Falmouth beach tomorrow.



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Well here we are day 32 of our beach combing vacation.

We visited 4 beaches today and removed sea glass from each one of them.

This is the “his collection”, new line seems the French Gardener is really into this, he is having a blast.

I spent all my time running after Braxton on the beach, we had a great sea gull adventure.

His finds after a fun day at the beach

Braxton had a fit this morning when we came out of McDonalds and didn’t bring him a cheese burger.

This is getting to be too much, we get coffee and he expects a burger every time.  He had to wait till tonight as they don’t make them that early, but guess what he didn’t understand and just kept growling then went to the back and pouted.

Braxton and his cheese burger

The silent beach early am today

Early morning beach-combing

Tilghman Island first stop

The street lights are powered by solar panels in Emerald, New Jersey.

solar panel street lights

Not much exciting happening these days.  The traffic was bad in Connecticut and believe me we don’t drive like anyone in Connecticut. We are headed to Rhode Island tomorrow if we survive the night it is to go down to 31, ya that’s cold.



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