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This one is for Vic.

I found a small looking like the old wooden toys we had as kids that connected with a hinge and resembled a snake and you shook it back and forth.

The sea ocean mystery

I collected this Sea Ocean Mystery and carried it with me, I found plenty on the beach one day after a small storm.

Here is what I found.

This is an egg sack, ya isn’t that something.

Baby Whelk

I wondered as I shook the vertebra just what kind of animal makes an egg sack that looks like my childhood snake toy?

Well this is what it holds, my little egg sack.

I have it with me and you are going to be so surprised to see what I found.

Wow, this is so neat and small

Today is Day 37 of our beach vacation and we are heading to the Island today.  It has been interesting and it will be wonderful to get home, that will be on day 38.  Bye for now,



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Today is day 34, our ventures have us on Cape Cod Island and we are scootching from one beach to another trying to keep warm.  It is a cold day today and while the sun is out it is bearable however that wasn’t for long today.

We found something interesting, we are wondering if anyone knows just what it is. It reminds me of the wooden toys we had growing up and they were hinged and they were mostly snakes in different colours, any guesses to what this is?

These come ashore in a storm from the ocean, does anyone know what they are?

Today I have a his and hers sea glass find.  We found an awesome spot and just walked the beach back and forth combing and each time we did we found another nugget.

This is his catch of the day

And yes, this is her catch of the day for sea glass

When I poured these out of the bag onto the stone wall a sea gull came and stood right beside them thinking I was about to share, tell you I was waving my arms trying to get him to fly off and some lady stuck her head out of her van and was laughing like a hyena over the ordeal.

Well I can hardly wait to find out what those fish scale bones are or who will write and tell me what it is.  I beat it will be Vicki.

I hope you enjoyed my last sea glass find as we left the East Coast and we are headed in mainland Turnpike after Freeways and Tollroads on our way to Ottawa.



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