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Today is Thursday September 30, 2010.

Accountability to the truth, my weight and the fact that my scales read


Oh my, I told you, out-loud, I said it now the show must go on.

I am a mother of 3, two girls and 1 boy, in that order. I have 6 grand baby girls and I’m a GRAND – ma.

Ya! I’m Big Momma Grand-ma, and I am planning to return on every Thursday and record a change.

Change, donkey is good’4 ya (from Shrek) This week it is water drink drink drink.

My children are grown adults but when they were young I was a busy, single mom.  On the job, on the go, I was their doctor, their lawyer and their Indian Chief.  When I got them to bed at night it was my quiet time, time to take a deep breath, put my feet up and enjoy some comfort food while I relaxed.

I was inspired by comfort food and I thought this was my way of relaxing.

Hello Momma! wake up that was years ago.

Yes, it was years ago but it formed a habit and then when I knew it was wrong I made an excuse for my behaviour.

The self talk that goes like this. “Shelf!, if your good all month on the fourth weekend of the month you can stop in the chip Isle and pick up a bag, make it a big bag because it was a long 4 weeks.”

Big Momma! I thought you meant one bag on the fourth weekend not a bag a day, shhhh self.

My tipicle day starts and ends like this.

I wake before the birds, read my mail, answer my mail. Clear a spot on my desk. Make a coffee and sit back down. Think about what I’m going to cook my guests for breakfast and what is for supper. I open and read comments from my blogging friends. I answer these and go onto make a post, take a picture, re-size and write. It is now 6:48, I get up from the desk and start to take out breakfast food getting ready in preparation. My husband wakes and starts to help. Breakfast is over, I change beds, say good byes, hang laundry, fold other laundry, watch grand babies, answer phones, respond to emails, make corrections to publications, visit with Google, practice SEO for the website, hang more cloths, wash and vacuum rooms and bathrooms. Then at 12 noon I open the tea room serve guests, chat, wash china by hand, close at 4pm. Garden for an hour then shower, organize papers I took off my desk earlier, read a few friends blogs, remember I didn’t take something out for supper and thaw whatever in the microwave. After supper, I sweep the floors, clean up the kitchen, finish laundry, listen to the radio, organize a little more. Go for a short bike ride, fold more laundry and iron. In the evening I watch a DVR’d episode of HOARDERS  or Repo MAN,  and start to fall asleep by 10:33 fast. To get up and do it again the next day.

I’m obsessed with this show hoarders and I plan to change that this week and look for and start to watch BIGGEST LOOSER. I have a method to my madness.  After an episode of hoarders I tend to start throwing stuff out the next day and well maybe if I watch biggest looser, never know.

Then 5 days ago I passed my anniversary of quitting smoking 13 years of quit and 46 pounds later here I am.

The first of many. I woke up and named today True to Thursday’s.

I plan to return here each week and make and report a change.

I’m encouraged by blog love and comments are motivating.

I am a hard fast strong believer that I don’t have time for exercise. Also each time I post Thursdays there is no room for fairy tails, the truth comes out on Thursdays.

stay true,


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Outdoor Wednesdays #1

A good sunset is part of my perfect day.

In Autumn the skies can sing as the sun goes down in Prince Edward Island.

This photo was taken a couple of Thursdays ago on a ride home from the beaches in the East Point of the Island.

This silhouetted  of a 1.5 story home is in a farming community with empty hay fields and round bails among it.

Many homes on Prince Edward Island are a one and a half story home built in the late 1800 early 1900 and was a traditional style home. The 1.5 story homes were built to save on heating, as a small stove would be placed on the first story in the middle and the second story would be easy to heat because heat rises.

I have an old country farm house that is in Greenvale PEI and it is a 1.5 story and it has very high peaks on the roof for attic space.

I think homes built back in those days were very structure sound.

This has been my Outdoor Wednesday for this week.

For more of outdoor Wednesdays visit Susan at



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