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First we got to get you some beach shoes

Then we got to get you to the clam digging beach

When you find a hole in the sand it is made by a clam, start digg’n

Oh, just a minute I forgot something very very important.  You need to bring along your crazy brother you haven’t seen in 8 years, then head out clam digg’n

Boil the water, drop the clams in and when they split apart they are done. See photo above for close up.  See photo below for the first taste.

Ok, the ladies on the beach said we would be going back for more before the night was over.  I told her I’d need a 6 pack in me to eat one, she said “oh, they’d even be better theeen.”  I was willing to eat one.  I have a moto… if it crawls on the bottom and eats on the bottom LEAVE IT ON THE BOTTOM

No way, it was back on the plate, then Ralph said come on you have to eat just one.  So back in it went for a second try.  I’m not going to tell you what happened next.

So this has been my clam eating experience.  I truly believe we did someting wrong right out of the starting gate.  The smell that filled the house was (well we won’t go there) and then the hardness of the yellow tough yuck…

Growing up we were told by dad, if you hunt it you be prepared to eat it. My brother and I have eaten squirrel, crow, rabbit and frogs but this takes the cake, nothing comes close to putting one of these in your mouth. I don’t know how ya’ll do it.

I love you bro,

but you can eat the rest I’m saving them for you.



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No joke! I have been busy lately and my pantry is falling apart.  I went to put something on the shelf and down came a full package of bamboo skewers.

Bamboo skewers

Second Fall of Pick Up Sticks

Oh, I don’t know,

They look like art from this angle,


What do you think?

Will the French Gardener find them and play or will they lay there for another day?



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