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Not long ago we were invited out for  a  lobster supper at St. Anne’s Lobster Suppers.  While the French Gardener has lobster I enjoy the Island beef 6oz off the children’s menu. I almost forgot to take a picture of his lobster, it was just about too late but he arranged the claws so I could take a shot.

Lobster Supper

The lobster shells are scrapped into barrels and loaded onto trucks that take them out to the fields and return them to the earth for lobster fertilizer.  Maybe that is why our fields are so red.

Lobster Fertilizes the fields

Someone passed by and brought Anna a cookie from the kitchen. she sure enjoyed that cookie.

Anna and the giant cookie

Anna had a highchair meal a real good deal and she loved it, seafood on a tray, oh and that cookie.

Try a lobster supper at at St. Anne’s you will be glad you did. Or if your not a seafood lover like me you can choose other different entrees see their menu.



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Here we are July 26, 2010 weeks after the Cavendish concert and the Regis and Kelly live in Prince Edward Island.  I’m looking on the government web site and doing a search for vacancies and I have come up with 168 bed and breakfasts with 88 vacancies for today: that is a low % of occupancy as most of the B&B’s have 3 or 4 rooms.

I can remember when the visitor’s centres would call and ask if we were sure we had no vacancy because the Island was so full and they had people there with nowhere to go.

The Tourism Web:

It is all relative to the number of beds available and the number of beds sold each year.

Bed and breakfast Web:

I believe the market is saturated. If there was one bed and one visitor the market would be 100/100 occupancy.

Travel Web:

I believe with the high cost of travel and accommodations people are having a staycation; rather than go away they stay close to home to vacation.

Industry Web:

In the year 2003 in Anne’s Land, the number of craft and gift shops totalled to 31; today when I look in the Prince Edward Island visitor’s guide for craft and gift shops there are 18 listings (see web listings).  That drop tells me the craft and giftware industry is dwindling.

Hospitality Web:

In May 2010 a number of visitors to our establishment were telling us that they visited the Island way too early and they were having trouble finding places open, places to go and things to do.  Years ago there were plenty of places open in the off season.  However, businesses are finding it difficult to operate with a high overhead and can’t afford to pay staff to stay open in the off season for extended hours.

Caught in the Web:

Visitors came to Prince Edward Island for its unique one of a kind experiences of relaxation, laid back genuine hospitality and kindness.  Operators have gift shops, accommodations, attractions, eateries and we are finding it hard to be a stay at home operation in the off-season with one or two guests passing through every so often.  In August, we have a deadline to select the words for our publications in the visitor’s guide for the following year.

What to dew:

I love my tea room and want stay open.  I have fun with guests at my tearoom and according to the comments from guests  in our guestbook and in the tea guide  reviews for tea rooms it is something people enjoy doing.  I have decided that my book listing next year will look like this: Open Year Round, by chance or appointment.  That gives me the flexibility to be able to enjoy my garden, my family, coffee with a friend, or just go for a simple bike ride and not worry about missing someone at the door.

This has been my contemplate web for today.  Thanks for stopping by.



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